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Optical sorters

Optical presorter-unit  type “Butterfly”

To remove rotten sprouts before sizing the sprouts, as well as to remove leafs, sprouttops and oversize from the sample, Tumoba has developed this pre-sorter. In this way, the good sprouts contaminate less with rotten sprouts further down the grading-proces. This machine is therefore positioned at the entrance of the sprouts into the grading-line.

Butterfly 2.0

This sorting system (“the butterfly”) scans the sprout flow for quality and removes sprouts that do not meet the set criteria.

The sprouts to be sorted are individual illuminated by LED lighting and viewed in flight on four sides with the help of cameras and image processing software.

Choice of: 6 to 12 cameras with a capacity of 4500 to 9000 KG per hour


Optical sorting on self-propelled machines:

The new generation 3-and 4-row sproutharvesters from our B4 (and sp3-4 option) series can also be fitted with this type optical pre-sorter. In this way the waste stays at the field and rotten sprouts get even less change to contaminate with good sprouts.

For more information about this option, follow the path:  products -Harvesting – sprouts – selfpropelled.

Optical (re)sorter type 3-4cam

After the sprouts have been sorted according to size on the sizing machine, the optical grader finishes the process by the selection of your sprouts according to colour, dirt and stain, with the help of a camera system. The selection criteria are set and stored by computer, including your preferences for feed belt and roller bed. adjusting the settings is a simple procedure. Sprouts that do not come up to standards are blown away and removed with the help of an air-stream, together with the dirt and waste that falls through the roller bed. and so, no rubbish accumulates under your machine.

The machine is standard-equipped with a feed belt, aligning devices, adjustable roller drives, 90 cm roller bed with washing/brushing device, discharge conveyor, camera system, pneumatic removal system and automatic lubrication.

Options: simultaneous grading of two sizes, custom-made machinery for existing systems.