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The advanced technology of Regero and their planting machines is the key of your success. There are various types of planting machines for separating and planting root balls in alternate rows.

Choices of trailed and self-propelled.

At customer request we build plantingmachines on tracks. Below you find two examples of selfpropelled blockplanters on tracks.

Tracked-plantingmachines are fitted with excellent automatic steering for perfect guiding of the machine and straight planting.

We also sell planting machines of the Fedele brand, Fedele Produces since 1975 planting machines for the agricultural sector. Through years of experience and the ever outgoing technology Fedele ensures that quality planting machines are produced.

The range Fedele planting machines consists of 5 different models that enable the machines to the needs of the customers. These are semi-automatic planting machines with independent modules that are pulled by tractor. Almost every type can be obtained from 1 to 6 rows.

Each planter has its own characteristics in terms of size of plants and the row and plant spacing.

Video of an Fedele Iper Duplex 6-row: