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Sprouts – Tractor Mounted

The Tumoba DP1 and OB1 (2&3) are harvesters attached to the tractor.

The DP1 model is attached to the tree-point linkage of the tractor. It is driven hydraulic, using the tractor’s hydraulic system. The operation requieres one person cutting stalks of sprouts and placing them on a table.One operator on the machine feeds the cut stalks into the stripping head and the trimmed sprouts are delivered into a bag or boxes. A stalk chopper is available as an optional attachment.

The OB1 (2&3) models, consist of one ore more stripping units fitted at the front of the tractor. One or more operatoris are seated at the front of the machine, one for each row to be harvested. A foot controlled arm with a stalkcutter attached is provided for each row. As the tractor progresses through the crop, stalks are cut and hand-fed into the stripping heads adjacent to each operator. The buttons and leaves are stripped from the stalk and separated, the leaves returning to the ground and the trimmed buttons being conveyed via an elevator, are delivered into a bulkhopper fitted to the three point-linkage at the back of the tractor. To clean the product, loose leaf is removed by a leaf blower and light trash is removed by an inclined searating belt.

The stripped  stalks are chopped into small lengths and returned to the ground.


  • Automatic steering (one foot-controlled cutterarm connected to tractors steeringsystem)
  • Fully enclosed cab with windscreen and wipers, cab heater, radio, lighting interior and exterior.