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Babyleaf and spinach

Babyleaf and spinach-harvesters

Harvest your babyleaf and spinach with the Tumoba harvester for babyleaf and spinach.

Our machines are standard fitted with:Automatic steering by a sensor between the beds, electronic cutting-height adjustment with display, electric steering and speedcontrol and tracks


  • Canopy with opening windscreen
  • Sucker for loose leafs and insects
  • Hydraulic palletlifter
  • Hydraulic foldering side-platforms.

Tecnical data:

  • Engine:  John-Deere
  • Bed-Width(C-C):  1.80 – 2.00 mtr
  • Cuttingwidth: max. 1700 mm
  • Loading surface: 6 pallets  surface
  • Tracks:  length 3.00 mtr
  • Estimated weight:  4500 kg

Babyleaf-harvester with airbridge and dancing-belt.


  • Gap with air-bridge to remove heavier parts (like f.i. stones)
  • Dancing strainerbelt to remove small objects,  insects etc.
  • Belts to one filling-point
  • Rollertable with check-weigherpoint

Trailed Babyleaf-harvester

The machine has its own hydraulic system and is driven by the tractor’s PTO. The harvested product is discharged sideways to a parallel travelling trailer.
As standard, the machine is equipped with electronic cutting height control with readout and a hydraulically steered axle.


  • Dancing strainerbelt to remove small objects,  insects etc.
  • Gap with air-bridge to remove heavier parts (stones etc. )

Spinach-harvester with packingstation

Spinach-harvester of 7,5 meter wide , fitted with 3 Spimaro diskcutters and combined with Tumoba’s packingstation at tracks.  The machine also features a fully-automatic packingmachine for spinach in trays developed by Tumoba .

  • Minimal labour!
  • Optimized logistics!